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About Us

First and foremost, we are a Christian family that wishes to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. We want our business run by His rules and ethics.

Red Barn Designs was created to fulfill the need for high quality documents for the home schooling family.  We  home schooled our daughter from kindergarten through high school and realized the need for professional looking documents. After her graduation we realized the importance of an accurate transcript and a professional looking diploma. We are excited about being able to provide this service to you. 

Our name was inspired by our home, yes, we live in a red barn!  So it only seems natural that our business would be called
Red Barn Designs!

We would like to publicly thank Kelli Sears of Kreative Minds Technology for her help in setting up our business, which we purchased from her.  She has been a real blessing to many home schooling families.  We hope to take up where she leaves off.  Congratulations, Kelli on your graduation from Ohio State University 3-21-03 and we wish you much success with your graduate school endeavors in the future!

Mark & Leslie Smith